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For the first 10,000 to join before November 28th

Our Academy

Crypsense Academy is a Learn Play Earn Platform. We specialize in the aggregation of cryptocurrency knowledge, resources, and opportunities.

Learn Play Earn

This is a place where students can learn everything there is to know about cryptocurrency directly from industry-leading professionals & developers. Crypsense Academy Games & Lessons are designed to teach practical monetization skills to ensure that the education can be used to pay for itself.

Discord Community

It is beneficial to have Discord  for students to  provide advice to each other, receive  support from other students as well our Community Manager.  Our Discord gives students access to Crypsense Academy Gaming, which is an integrated suite of customizable game platforms that host our micro-economy games, prizes, & rewards.

Student Opportunities

Our students complete courses at their own pace through our learning platform. Once a student has accomplished goals and achievements they are rewarded. Crypsense Academy rewards include: game prizes, scholarships, paid teaching opportunities, crypto jobs & more.

Play to Learn

Learn to Earn

Featured In

The CEO of Adanian Labs John Kamara

“We are extremely proud to see such progress with our startups. Crypsense Digital Group is very timely as Africa is exploring the potential for smart technologies in support of its 4IR efforts.”

Meet The Team

Our Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
Are you a beginner and eager to learn about Cryptocurrency? Our courses provide the knowledge and the tools to prepare you to engage the blockchain.
Are you an artist? Here you can learn how to turn your art into an NFT to make profits.
There are so many different exchanges in this market. We have courses to help you learn about them and give you the tools you need to pick the right exchange for you.
DeFi is a type of coin. Our courses will teach you how DeFi coins work, the difference between other coins and how to use them.
Courses & Certificates
We provide certificates after completion of courses. Your certificates can be used as proof of knowledge to gain employment or even your own clients.
Do you know what Mining is? Do you want to start your own mining operation? Take our courses where we provide you all the tools and knowledge you need to get started.
Bot Trading
Bot trading is the automated aspect of trading. Want to learn how to automate your trading take our courses to get the tools you need to succeed.
Asset Management
Asset management is one of the MOST important aspects of Crypto. We teach you the importance and how to do it through our courses.

Come Learn, Play and Earn!

Our main goal is to provide a learn at your own pace knowledge platform to give our students a way to learn, play and earn with a community with the same interest and goal.

If this sounds like something you desire to be apart of get started today!

Academy Road Map

Academy Official Launch
10,000 NFT Give Away (Official Launch Campaign) 

  • First 10k to sign up Get an Exclusive NFT

Community Events and Engagement

  • Announce Academy “Learn Play Earn” Gaming Events
  • First Community Activity Vote 
  • S.T.A.R. Token Development
  • NEW Courses

End of October
Crypsense Academy Opportunity Gateway™ Launch

  • Academy Referral Competition
  • Launch Tradelink.Pro™ Ranked Trading Bracket Competitions

Launch Academy RoadMap™ Team Recruiter Program
Students who have completed courses and challenges have the opportunity to sign up for the Team Recruiter Program where they have opportunity to be placed in internships within Crypsense Academy.
Q4 2022 Academy MVP Rewards Event (Live Streamed Events)

  • 2022 Annual Competition Rewards Celebration
  • Crypsense Academy DAO Development
  • S.T.A.R Token Air Drop Announcement 

End of December

Contact Us

Avery Egypt
Avery Egypt
Co-Founder & Partner
Alice Anangi
Alice Anangi
Co- Founder & Partner


Crypsense Academy

+254 (0) 725 971 480
[email protected]

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